Over the years, Cal has evolved into one of the most sought-after corporate speakers in the country. His speech provides audiences with reflections on hard work, and success that can be applied on and off the field, based on his 8 elements of perseverance and stories from his exhilarating career and life in baseball.

His stories offer easy comparisons to life in the business world, as he shares how his never quit mentality and approach to work pulled him through tough times during his career on the field. Today, these stories of persevering are needed even more as business leaders look for ways to inspire and motivate their work forces during challenging times when employees have been away from the traditional office setting for over eight months.

Annual meetings and company retreats are resuming through unique virtual formats, and Cal is thrilled by the opportunity to join virtually from his home office.

“Just like during my playing career, there are always going to be times when you have to adjust your perspective to see the positive in a potentially negative situation,” commented Cal. “I’ve really enjoyed being able to connect with companies virtually, share some stories and answer their questions about baseball, business, philanthropy and family.” 

In the last month, Cal has joined VMWare, Njevity, Juniper Federal Forum and JW Cole Financial for Q&A sessions via Zoom, and was the special guest speaker for the American Financial Services Association’s Annual Meeting.

“Many in the audience have reached out to us to share how spectacular of an event it was. Folks have said that it brought the togetherness we have all been craving. And while Cal’s participation was just an extracurricular event to a virtual conference, we’ve had lots of people share both privately and in social media that it was the best event of the whole conference! So, thank you again to Cal for bringing that element of togetherness, comfortability, and great conversation.” – Client

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