Released in May 2019, Cal’s new book, JUST SHOW UP is officially on The New York Times Best Sellers list!

In JUST SHOW UP: And Other Enduring Values from Baseball’s Iron Man, Cal reflects on his life and career to offer lessons for generations to come.

Ripken shares the principals he has lived by: “Life is a streak—play the long game”; “Success and money are not the same”; “Play fair—win fair,” and others. Sprinkled throughout are first-hand accounts of his legendary father, Cal Ripken Sr., what it was like to keep the consecutive game streak alive, what it meant to bring the World Series to Baltimore in 1993, and simple yet poignant take-aways for anyone trying to forge a successful life in these chaotic times.

Drawing on sports, business, and a life well-lived, JUST SHOW UP is filled with Ripken’s no-nonsense, throwback wisdom. He honors mentorship, playing fair, and being stubborn about your principles—and tells great baseball and business stories throughout.

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